Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sunny Days I Thought Would Never End

As I got into my car and started to drive my sweet little self home today, with Tom Petty on the radio (one of his truly rockin' songs, not a depressing one), in the middle of the sunshine, it began to rain.

I love that! Sunshine and rain at the same moment! It's such a dichotomy. I think I do a pretty good job keeping genuine sunshine in my life during the rain, but I just forget how beautiful it is as a combination.

I generally enjoy rain, but it's different when I can put my whole self into appreciating it. The last time I remember really loving rain was in Egypt. Egypt gets very cold and very hot, but it does not get rain.

This was before my apartment was robbed, after the plagiarism scandal, before I'd decided to come home, after I'd settled into a routine and learned how to live richly and simply in the place I called home.

I was working with some students after school in the library when it started to rain. At first it was so delicate I couldn't tell if it was really raining or just wishful thinking. But my students confirmed it. It began to rain harder. It was wonderful. I listened for a moment and then found myself on the way out the door calling for my students to come with me if they had any fun left in them after a day of study. Five of us clattered down the stairs and out into the courtyard.

We ran through the rain--tried to splash in the piddly puddles and laughed from deep inside. It was good.

Cairo is incredibly polluted so the rain left black spots on our clothes. The security guards thought we we nuts. My students thought I was nuts.

We all went back to the library slightly damp and very satisfied.


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