Sunday, September 11, 2005

September 11

Four years ago I had moved to Egypt for what I thought would be a long time (it was a year).
I was living in Mokkatum at that point in a huge, white, somewhat extravagant building with marble floors.

The short and relatively ill-told version oof that day is that I rode a bus, taught at school, wrote my brother a very oridinary letter, had my roommate tell me "they are gone", discovered she meant the twin towers, watched a very squiggly broadcast of the event in French, broke a large granite countertop, packed to evacute, realized we wouldn't be evacuated even if we wanted to be, talked to my mom while she was at LCS via satelite phone and went to bed.

It was nearly a year before I really saw the footage. Some students were very sorry. Others thought the US was getting what it deserved. All tried for it not to be Arabs who did it and the Jewish plot theory was very popular.

It started all sorts of things. Families that have someone in the military started to brace themselves. And we still do. But my brother made it through Iraq and Afghanistan and he is And for that I am grateful.

Enough for today I think.


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