Monday, September 12, 2005


So I've decided that it is not stalking to read another's blog even if I don't know the author--heck, they put it out there!

Anyway, so I made it up to the As today in Noel's blog. Funny isn't it, how mild-mannered young men know non-mild mannered friends of the sort that own pleather mermaid outfits....teh-heh, good for him. The things you'd never know if it weren't for a blog......

Went to the beach today. I've only been thrice this summer. It was good to bond with the housemate and made me generally remember my identity may be tied up in all my inner workings of teacherhood and all that entails, but it is not the whole of me nor even the most important part.

If my life were a TV drama it would be titled "Priorities" this episode. Is it more important for me to do things in a way that will command respect or in a way that will feed the human part of others? Is it more important to take a day at the beach and reconnect with a good friend or get all those things that are causing anxiety sorted out (I host a particular kind of anxiety that isn't quite worry. I figure God's got the situation in hand, but I still have this sense of unease that ebbs and flows until I see how that God plan is going to work out). Should I go see my brother or save the money? How can I best use this little time I have to make a deep impact? Is servitude always the best form of servanthood?

And that's just the start of it.

Warning: Rant commencing

Ok, so I'm taking until December 1 to do the single thing. I've never purposefully not dated and, quite frankly, it's always seemed like a truly stupid idea(Disclaimer: that was personal opinion, if it's working for you, hey, to each his or her own). Most mature Christians I know do not have the problem of dating too much. Instead, it's just short of a miracle that anyone ever actually manages to date anyone and definitely a miracle that marriages happen and babies are born.

I've always been prudent while dating. Not judging, but attempting to make sure guys had a pretty decent founding in the faith and were professing Christians before we went out. BUT, professing ain't being and foundations crack. In fact, some of the premises they had as foundations had to have been invented while on crack. And the whole "I'm ok, you're ok" approach to spiritual subjects is soooooooooo far from ok...I'm not even commenting further.

So I'm opting out for a bit. This isn't me being hyper-spiritual or attempting to re-align my basic dating philosophy. I ain't kissing dating goodbye. I'm not joining a nunnery or trading in my love of lanky geeks or football pants. I'm just tired. I want to make sure when I date I'm doing it with integrity and enthusiasm. When I couldn't juice myself up for another dinner and a movie with a pretty ok guy and got a couple of bewildering phone calls, I knew it was time for a break.
So I'm taking a break.
Yes, it really is that simple.
So leave it alone and quit trying to stick a halo on my head.


At 7:18 AM, Blogger Loki22 said...

Can I opt out with you?


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