Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! It's off to Puerto Rico we go!

It's finally October and time for the Luna del Miel. I'm still jobless, but the house is tidier and more colorful than it was. Now, in addition to a sunny yellow living room and frighteningly carrot-colored dining room we have a very sexy deep red bedroom and the antebedroom is turning a lovely color known as "mimosa".

Still, I'm glad we're leaving town for a few days. Plans include: a night swim in the bioluminescent bay, time on the Hilton's black sand beach (too bad this means we're supporting Paris' lavish lifestyle), snorkeling, beach camping, two nights in the mongoose and waterfall-filled El Yunque Rainforest camping, time in Old San Juan, possibly meeting up with one of David's sister's friends at her restaurant, various food and cultural events and art museums.

Speaking of art museums, One World Wednesdays have started up again at the Cincinnati Art Museum again. We bought a museum membership (since the event is free for members vs. $8 per person non-members). They even waved Catherine in with us since we'd just bought the membership. Now we can go lots!

This time it was Carribean Islands-themed. Great music, great dancing, good drink samples, but where was the food from last year? Of course all the galleries are open too. Good times, good times.

Oh, for those who don't know who Cat is, here's a pic of her ringing the bell in the Touch & Learn Center:

Remember her attending the guest book at our wedding? Ok, never mind. Anyway, she's a med student at Wayne State and doing a rotation at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, so she's staying with us for the month. Yay friend! Ironically, the hospital is only 5-10 minutes down the street from us, but she has to drive 20 to a parking lot then ride a shuttle for another 20 back to the hospital.


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