Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tired of Transition

Another Tuesday.

It's crazy hot and slightly looney humid again. We hit a new high temp for the day yeasterday. If today reaches 92 we'll have set a new record for # of hellishly hot days in one year. Don't ask me to define excatly what "hellishly hot" is. The fact that I'm using the term is evidence enough to show I haven't really been paying attention.

We went to a traditional Latin mass at the Covington Basilica on Sunday. We're pretty burnt out on the church search. I shouldn't be this hard to find a place to plug in. A service-oriented church with at least a minimal young adult/adult presence and some sort of youth program? Preferably a 10:30 or later start? I'd like to pretend we're ready to be out the door by 9:30, but actually, not so much. It hurt my heart to hear Dave say he wasn't jazzed about any of the options and I should just pick this week.

Then came the idea of the basilica. That lit him up. We've wanted to go for a while. With David's catholic upbringing he is drawn to the formality of the service. I just thought it was cool. I usually think of Jesus in jeans and a flannel--kinda the early '90s grunge, sit down on a log in the woods and hash things out type. I forget that he's a king with all the majesty and reverent honor attached. I definately got that in the service on Sunday. Kinda breathtaking.

Pair that will a stop off at the Greenup (dang! That's good.) and sittign out in the Hofbrau House Biergarten. Good afternoon. We even got out to the Mt. Airy Forest and played tall-hobbits-with-dog just before sundown. As the Sasquatch noted, Mt. Airy is beautiful in the fall, even if it's a drought season.


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