Monday, August 06, 2007

Opera & Dogs Barking

Good grief it's hot one down here!

David's off to work this morning & I'm back to screening renters for
our house in Lansing. Sheesh.

It was a big weekend down here-- the message below was started
Saturday afternoon, but got interupted for a swim at the rec center
and then we headed out for pizza and a movie. I have to say, Dewey's
Green Lantern was excellent (Red sauce, goat cheese, light mozzarella,
mushrooms, pesto, garlic, artichokes), but still didn't hold a candle
to DeLuca's (nobody will compare until they use balls of fresh mozz).
After the pizza, we managed to get ourselves over to the movie theatre
for the late show of The Bourne Ultimatum--Great flick, I love a good
action movie and an action hero who's still mourning his dead
girlfriend a movie and a sequel later is a rarity & a bonus. Well
worth seeing on the big screen.

But on to Saturday's note:

Today was the neighborhood garage sale and we certainly did our part
of hauling out the excess stuff from our house and getting rid of it
at bargain prices. Since we just had the wedding, we had a ton of
low-grade, college-type stuff to get rid of (i.e.David had THREE
griddles/grills that mostly worked-- we replaced them with the one,
much easier to clean George Foreman). I finally let go of the shower
curtain I made during my junior year of college (was that really ten
years ago?)and matching towels; David said goodbye to a mismatched set
of very beat up pots and pans(two were stamped 1951).

It was a great way to meet the neighbors and find out a bit more aboutheir tastes--especially in literature. Next year I might even get rid
of some books--people actually asked for them! And we all know an
English teacher and her books are not easily parted. To his credit,
David has not asked me to get rid of any and didn't protest too much
when I saved a bunch from the sale pile.

Overall, it was a pretty good sale--we made enough to keep us in date
nights for a few weeks or buy shelves for the kitchen. On the down
side, it was crazy hot, humid and the neighbors down the street
BLASTED opera music all day. This kept all the neighborhood dogs
barking even when there were not people on their front lawns taking
things. We considered sedating Grayson.

Sadly, our house is now even more of a mess than before the sale due
to tossing things about looking for items to sell (it kinda snuck up
on us and I'm still not fully unpacked).

In other news, David brought home his baby tonight. Officailly, it's
our baby-- a bright yellow 650cc Suzuki Savage--but in reality, I
don't know how to ride and it'll be October before I take the class.
He's ridiculously happy.

The job search is still going. I took the test to be a TSA screener
at CVG and passed--oddly it was harder then the one to get me
certified as an English teacher even though the first half was just
reading comp, vocab and grammar. We'll see how that goes. I can work
for peanuts if my house gets rented out (though the TSA pays well)
which may happen this week. I'm not really sure how I feel about
being a landlord, but if the house is rented out, I can work for
peanuts until I find something better.

So that's us, Hope the A/C is working well wherever you are!


At 7:33 AM, Blogger Yi said...

I have always wanted to have a garage sale, it just sounds like so much fun (although I am sure it is a lot of work).

When I actually have time to read for fun, I am going to ask you for suggestions (I don't know why I never did before).

Good luck with the job and the house.

Love and miss you and one of those days I will write you emails and send you letters instead of writing huge messages on your blog comment area ;)

Also, I haven't had time to make the Tiramisu yet. Once I do, I will let you know my review of it :)


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