Monday, June 18, 2007

Life in Cincinnati

It's been a fair few weeks since I've written. The aftermath of the wedding is still around me. The thank you notes are written (though we have two mystery gifts we can't thank anybody for since they didn't come with names or cards-- a large glass jar from Pottery Barn and a set of fancy switchplate covers from Target--anybody on here know what's what?). We've also had two of our couple friends lose babies (my mother-in-law is starting to think I'm nuts since I cry everytime I read Kim's website), one healthy preemie birth (Elizabeth & Jay --our wedding officiant and her husband--had their baby girl, Emma Jordan, on the 10th 5.5 weeks early but both mother and baby are doing well) and Paula called Saturday to let me know she and Chris are now engaged and planning an April wedding.

The chaos in the house is starting to get to David (& me too to be honest). the dining room is being painted (by me), the gifts are mostly still there since the upstairs is completely taken over by the construction of the new bathroom his father is putting in for us (this means we have no bedroom, not even walls--a mattress on the floor and our suitcases is it in terms of living accessories), five adults and two dogs in our little house is a little overcrowded some days. Still it's wonderful to have so much time with famiy and I'm enjoying getting to know everyone better.
We're using the porch a lot.

No job on the horizon. Planning to drive up Saturday and pack, get the truck Sunday and load it up, drive ti back Monday or Tuesday. If anyone is available, we're going to need help at the house after church Sunday to get the big stuff in. hate to ask it, but thanks if you can.

Life is filled with a million little stories this week, but I'm still short on time-- I'd really thought the pace would slow after school let out and I was out of the classroom--not so yet. but I'd better start painting if it's going to happen today. It'll be a hot one!


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