Friday, May 11, 2007

It's been nearly a month. Wow. I'm lazy about this. But in my defense, the motherboard on my laptop went kaplooey, so it's been a little hard to find time to type.

We closed out Midsummers and actually got our Drama account back in the black. Much thnakfulness for this. But I'm glad to have my evenings back.

My house is still for sale. Lots of walk throughs, but not much serious interest. I think we priced it too high and will be dropping it soon. Still, it annoys me how many little things I need to do there just to keep it sale ready (heck, there's still some things I need to do to get it saleable!)

in other more fun events, I got to see so many of the wonderful women who have influenced my life two weeks ago at a shower-- a chocolate and lingerie shower. I loved just SEEING people. It's strange, I feel so disconnected from friends these days, but I'm always so glad to see them. Thank you ladies.

On other notes, we're going to get the marriage license in a few hours. At first we thought there was afive-day waiting period. There's not:)

So-- Interesting Juxtapositions I've been thinking about:

If I eat the chocolate, will I be willing to be seen inthe lingerie?

If there was a five-day waiting period for a marriage license, it would be more than the waiting period to buy a handgun.

And with that


At 6:42 PM, Anonymous PC said...

I thought it was wierd that you couldn't get your license until you were within 30 days of the wedding.


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