Friday, November 03, 2006

Workin’ 5-9

AM to PM baby! And that isn’t a typo.

It’s the week known as Hell Week in theatre parlance. And grades were due. And Emily’s wedding was Saturday. Of the three of those, guess which one I enjoyed?

Yep, my Emily is married to the dashing John. It’s strange---we’ve been through this dating thing together. She’s been closer to it any other friend and I’ve needed her. In a truly God moment, her new home is only and hour away from Cincinnati. Wow. I’m grateful.

Past that it has been a very bad, no-good, awful week. Tuesday was the worst of it—I woke up at 7:10 (um…I have students in the classroom at 7:30 and a 17 minute drive). Apparently I slept through three alarms—two by my bedside and one in the bathroom (now that Amy’s mostly gone, I’m extra paranoid). Then again, I was up from 3- 11 on Monday (grades due at noon Wednesday, I needed to grade a few last things and the grade program print function quit). Oddly, I made it in by 7:30 (though I was unshowered, uncostumed, uncandied and unmakeuped with MSU seniors observign my class). I think there must be a slight time difference between my home clocks and the school clocks. That or I have the ability to move through time like that guy on Heroes.

To add to that, David called at 10am to tell me he’d totaled his car but was ok (another God moment—I usually have my cell off and hidden until after school, but I happened to have it in my pocket and checked it at lunch). We’re going car shopping this weekend.

And that's my whiney update. I'm tired and irritable. I'll be better in ten days. Easily the bright spot of the week will be Yi's birthday dinner tonight--if we get done on stage in time for me to attend.

Happy Birthday sweet Yi.


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