Monday, October 02, 2006

What the F***K is WRONG with this Country?!

I. am. so. angry.

When did it become open season on students? Sure it's hunting season, is there some sicko out there issuing permits to all the local psychos? NOBODY is so sick that this is permissable. Wanna talk tangible evil? These guys got it.

Last week I was sick to my stomach about the Colorado incident (and I don't give a flying f* that he left a suicide/apology note. It only means he meant every bit of the sexual assault and murder) and my blood boiled when I thought about that principal in Wisconsin shot because a student was pissed off about a disciplinary action. And as I type there's a school in Vegas on lockdown while they look for a student who was spotted on campus in posession of a gun.

I don't think there's a teacher or a student in our schools that hasn't wondered what we'd do if a shooter showed up. Heck, I worry every time the whole school gets together for a pep rally.

The fact that that thought even occurs to me is VILE. It is DIGUSTING. It is NOT what I signed on for.

And I'm annoyed by the whole school security hysteria in the media. I teach with my door locked. We lock all periphery doors. We make visitors sign in. We have community members as security guards.

But it's never going to be enough. We're not a military institution, we're an American school. Should we become military and lock down every day? Because teenagers are so into conformity. I'm not willing to live like that.

I'm watching CNN at school right now. I never do that. But I want to know. Who is he to take revenge on little girls (ages 6-13) for something that happened 20 years ago? How the heck do the Amish Tee someone off enough to justify that?

And I'm equally pissed off about the mass kidnapping in Baghdad.

Pissed, pissed, pissed.
You probably don't want to talk to me today.


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