Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nearly Turkey Day

I do exist. No question. Just prefer hiding in my bed sometimes to actual posting. I've been narrating very funny posts in my head, but none of them made it here and apparently I missed their expiration date.

Ok. So. Things that have been up:

42nd Street is over (Thank God!) and it went well.

David crashed his car, got a new one and is at Disney World with his nuclear family this weekend. Grayson is with me. I had no idea it would be so hard to have a huge dogggie with no fenced yard. Ike was easier. I still want a puppy of my own.

I went to NCTE this weekend! Talk about indulging my geekdom. English teachers talking English all day for four days. Ah...bliss!

It was in the Opryland. Look at the shiny:

And now I have a five day weekend. On the list: yard work, grading, welding at the Career Center, a plate of Boston Market and not getting out of my pjs until well afternoon on Thanksgiving. I'll definatly be giving thanks for that!


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