Friday, January 27, 2006

Drama Drama Drama

I’ve been wandering around all day singing a snappy little tune I’m making up as I go that basically centers around the word “drama”. So far I have successfully rhymed it with “llama” and “mama”. I have unsuccessfully rhymed it with “yeah ma”, “yehaw” and “so wha?”.

For those of you who did not know, drama formally comes in several types besides the straightforward comedy and tragedy. There’s farce, melodrama, burlesque (with attached subgroups), fantasy, romantic comedy, satire and comedy of manners. These are designations not to be worried about in our circle unless you’re me or my student.

But then there’s the daily dramedy of life. That’s drama/comedy ( a slashie if you will, but the drama does not turn into an adjective and leave me with a dramatic comedy. Just so we’re clear) I have no idea who said it originally but Jonathon Blough intro’d me to it in high school--I love this quote; “Life is a comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feel.” And I do both so therefore my life is a dramedy.

There’s the high school drama that must be lived through. Half the tiem I hav eno idea why they’re crying or kicking things and they can’t express it so I say something vaguely comforting and go on.

There’s the Our Town reading in English class.It’s amazing and somewhat refreshing that Thornton Wilder wrote something that’s supposed to be boring for us to read instead of it just turning out that way.

There’s the drama of the now-cast spring plays. I so wanted to use all the talent we had. But it just wasn’t possible.

There’s the drama of school politics, sports and the impending big game against Okemos tonight.

There’s the drama in the drama department of J. having too much to do and too little patience to do it, D. taking on a Great Lakes class in addition to both plays, quizbowl, two personal classes and her usual teacher job, M. being hospitalized for the next month to get over stress and me trying to refuse to live at the pace they’re making standard.

And then there’s my actual drama class. They’re great this semester. But I must get the guys to quit attempting to sit on each other every time we move to sit on the floor. Odd that they’re the least dramatic part of all of this.

I’m sure there are other bits here of drama out there as well, but that’s enough from The Stage & The School today. But if it really is all a stage and I am merely a player I wonder what the next act will hold?


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