Monday, August 29, 2005

First Day of School

I am a very tired cookie. And I did not run today (I cannot believe there was once a time I ran four or five miles a day). I ran/walked yesterday and it was painful in a way that made me never want to do it again so I suppose that made it good for me.

Also got to play SuperNintendo across the street. I liked the Star Wars games and Streetfighter more than Super Mario, but it was all fun. A nice change from another rented movie.

Speaking of which, I have a chick flick in my posession. I think of chick flicks as emotional porn most of the time and have to watch my consumption carefully. I'm doing really well getting over my dating burn out (given, it's only been since Saturday that I decided to go cold turkey), but the past few months (years?) of constant almost-but-not-quites definately upset my chi ( I have no idea what chi is and have a feeling a good christian girl ought not have one or imagine she does, but hey, that's where I am with it)

Ok, so, school. First day down. It was good. I like my classes and other than some balky ones, I'm thinking it'll be a good year. One hour is chatty and I may have to squelch them, but I don't think I'll have to go all Wicked Witch.
As for the magnetic poetry, please arrange the following words into a sentence:


See the issue? There is no stopping the adolescent mind. I know when I'm beat.

It does concern me though that several students decided I couldn't be an English/Drama/Theatre teacher since I have a science classroom with sinks and tables and electrical outlets hanging from the ceiling. Several thought they were in science twice, one kept trying to convince me I taught math (we had to look at her schedule to convince her otherwise.), and several walked in sat down, looked at me in my pearls, heels and earthy-red Donna-Reedesque dress and said "Mr. Pulver?"
Not on my worst day (or his worst day) do we look remotely alike. And if I ever have to teach physics I will throw myself out of my one small window.

It's a God-given gift that I get to love my job and play with teenagers all day. I think it's gonna be a good year.


At 3:45 PM, Blogger Yi said...

I agree about the chick flicks. I often have to restraint myself from pick one up and wallow in it.


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