Monday, August 04, 2008

Tension & Silence

A huge weight has been lifted this weekend. Our renters are finally out of the house. On advice of counsel we've been silent on this one to anyone living in MI since early May and trying desperately not to pull anyone into the muck with us but I'm not sure we can avoid it. I just can't seem not to talk about it because it's always there in my mind. Cat's wedding is going to be tough.

There's about to be a court battle royale over the terms of the lease and the condition of the house and it is going to be uggggggly. I pray a lot these days. Had I only known a year ago...

After the horror of the house this weekend, we did slip off to the lake and jump through waves until we were exhausted then went back to The Darkhorse for romantic pizza & beer at the same table we sat at for our first date. That was nice and relieved some of the ever-thickening tension that's crept in.

My goal is for this to be done by Pete & Jenny's anniversary. But who knows?


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