Thursday, November 29, 2007

Better, but still shouldn't be cooking it seems...

Dinner's in the oven.

Can't tell ya how long it's been in there.
Or what it's going to turn out to be. Heck. I'm usually a pretty good throw-together cook. Things generally turn out edible. Of course, the fact that Grayson wasn't up for liking the mixing bowl isn't really a good sign is it? I mean, he was fighting David to eat things off the floor I'd already eaten once earlier in the week. Ok, ok, TMI, I know. Still I wrote it and it's there! And we know nothing can ever be deleted from the electronic universe! Oh, I should probably clarify that only Grayson wanted the vomit to eat. David had other, more sanitary, plans for it.

Anyway, I looked in the fridge tonight and found frozen ground pork! Genuis! Eggrolls it is!

But then when I looked in the fridge I got distracted by the pretty feta cheese.

So I reopened the freezer and pulled out some spinach for Spanikopita. Mmmmm..... iron.

But then I reopened the fridge and dumped a dollop of ginger paste on the browning pork. And realized there was no cabbage for the eggrolls.

But then I saw the tomatoes. Oh, the droolingly good hothouse tomatoes our neighbors gave us. Yay neighbors with hothouse.

So I added some phyllo dough, olive oil and garlic and put it in the oven.

Bet Dave eats it anyway.

Ah, heavy drug induced stupor.


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