Thursday, July 19, 2007

This was just too quirky not to photograph. Across from the church picutred below was a German hip-hop store complete with FUBU jeans, EKCO wear and a hefty supply of this brand of very honestly named spray paint.

Snails were the feet of the relic box at the center of the church. No real idea why they chose snails. The guy at the door gave us a long explanation in german that neither of us even vaguely understood.

A pic of a photograph of the street with the church and hip hip shop during a Nazi rally. Southern Germans seem more in touch with holocaust history. There are many small displays and markers that clearly explain events many would rather forget but must be remembered or they may repeat.

The church the pictures below & above are from. St-something-or-other. It was David's first European cathedral and his jaw hit the floor. We racheted it up by degrees as we traveled so his jaw got to keep dropping. Love that.

Crazy discus-throwing cat-man sculpture by the Heidelberg bridge. There are small shiny brass mice and a plaque by them. No idea what it's all about but they caught my imagination. It also intrigued me that the cat man was empty-faced (I could fit my head into his head--I have pictures) but rather anatomically correct. No baby catmen. No, no, no.

Mmmm... Art that belongs with the cathedral above.

Plague art that goes with the cathedral above.

Heidelberg Castle as seen from the world heritage bridge that goes with Catman (ba-da-dad-de-dadada-it's the cat man!)

Me on World Heritage Bridge over the Rhine. Those bricks behind me have international protection. Do we have our priorities out of whack that the children in Sudan do not have the same protection?

Gate of World Heritage Bridge. I liked it. Kinda Dr. Suessy.


At 9:27 AM, Blogger Lady Lilly said...

I actually know a story of the brass statue on the bridge. Our tour guide told us that the bridge keeper had a monkey. The statue is in homage to it. Don't know if it is true. Just what we were told 9 years ago.

At 1:11 PM, Blogger Meg said...

Lady Lil',

That is actually very helpful. We've been debating what the heck it is every time we come across the picture and it explains why it has four hands rather than feet. Its head is still cat-y, but at least a monkey makes some kinda sense... any idea about the little plaque thing or mice? ;)


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