Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ceiling fans

It's a slow day. I need to work on the house, but I'm having more fun sitting and thinking and staring at the ceiling fan.
April and Chuck were married Sunday. It was a lovely wedding, as has been every wedding we've attended together. But now we don't have any weddings until next spring (three then--I had thought Joey & Holly would be the next one, but I forgot about Tom & Liesel and Paula & Chris, both planning on April dates). Weddings have been such a part of our relationship I'm just not sure what we'll do without one on the calendar. So whose have we been to in the course of our relationship?

Clark & Kristen (December, Lansing-- David couldn't attend because P&G was moving him down that weekend)
Rudi & Tori (April, California)
Katie & Steve (May, Lansing)
Elan & David (September, Grand Rapids)
Tim & Chris (September, Bay City)
Jenny & Pete (September, Lansing--David couldn't come, Friday work wouldn't allow it)
Amy & Greg (October, Detroit area)
Emily & John (October, Lansing)
I'd swear we went to one last summer, but I'm blanking.

Then we got bored and planned one of our own and now it's April & Chuck. Aw.

What else can I post about?

I have an idea, but maybe tomorrow.

Wedding photos are up on www.pictage.com. Our wedding date was 06.02.07, it's easier to search for it under my old last name than the new. A warning: there are 599 photos. It's a tad overdone but gorgeous (and we have three grandparents left. They're likely to kick off soon, so we photographed them like mad). I'm sure we'll be glad to have them, but I'm not at all sure anyone but us will ever make it all the way through them.

Ceremony starts on 7
Reception on 10

Here's a mess of pics from the last however long:

Yes, Christ is often the answer, but on the side of a plastics company, what exactly was the question? Personally, I'm hoping they manufacture those little plastic Jesuses that stick to your dashboard. That seems unlikely though.

I got to wear a pretty, pretty dress!

The view from Primavista after the rehearsal dinner:)


At 5:29 PM, Blogger Jeremy said...

that's a lot of weddings! oh - and congrats on being married and stuff. :) somehow i missed it until i stumbled onto your blog again yesterday!


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