Monday, June 05, 2006

Uh oh...

I ate the last of Katie & Steve's wedding chocolates today. I'd like to say it was because I have awesome self-control but in reality, I put them on top of the TV with the peanut butter one still in it and forgot about it for a week.

I think this is a symptom of THE CRASH. I have several through the year--after a play, at Christmas, at Spring Break, but the biggest on happens at the end of the school year. All the stress melts away and I have a few hours when I'm nearly manic with energy. I clean, sort, empty, paint, whatever has been on my list. Then comes THE CRASH.

All I can do is sit. Not read. Not talk. Not pet the cat. Just sit. Perhaps with the TV on, perhaps playing a mindless online game of Cubis 2 or Collapse (the key here is no mental exertion and no movement past the wrist). It's usually not an issue. I just sit and sleep off and on for a day or so. Catch up so to speak. Then I perk up and go back to the usual Meg you all know and love.

But it's hit early. This weekend I graded like a some sort of green-inked tornado, did laundry, cooked, emptied my car (had not been throughly done since October), painted my shower curtain rod, changed out the liner, painted a mirror frame, atarted Reading Ann Lamott's Plan B, went to open houses and graduation, took long walks, pulled weeds, washed the throws in the living room, rotated my mattress, talked to a bunch of people, church, etc. I didn't quite get to vaccumming the car and now I'm afraid it'll never get done.

I did my 4am get-up-and-do-things thing today. And I did things. And then I came home and sat down on the couch to read the mail. At 7pm I woke up. Now I'm trying to get movitivated to go to the store or at least vaccum the car, or warm up dinner. But I think it's here. Before exams. I'm going to enjoy the view from my picture window. And then go to bed. And try to forget I had wonderful amusing ideas to blog about when I started this....


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