Sunday, November 20, 2005

Cats and Christmas

My cat is ridiculously interested in water. her head does this rotate, rotate, rotate thing until she's nearly upside down and starts to slip into the tub.

She figured out how to flush the toilet a while back. That was fun. All night. Then I started sleeping with that door shut and she seems to have lost that particular talent.

The highlight of her day is a shower. She sits between the fabric curtian and the plasitc one and bats at the water. Occasionally she falls in. That's fun.

Past that, I had a very exciting movie going experience on Friday. Amy & I went to see Walk the Line over at NCG. About twenty minutes in, somebody burned popcorn, the fire alarms all went off, we sat there like cattle, we evacuated like cattle (without the smell), we decided to get a coffee. By the time we were walking by the back door, we could go back in, so we did. We sat down in our assigned seats, waited for the movie to begin again, it did. It was much further on than when we had left. They gave us raincheck tickets after the show. Conclusion: Walk the Line has huge plot holes or those ten minutes were critical (go with choice 2).


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