Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday, Monday...

...can't trust that day. It was a short weekend. It included:
1. Me watering the yard and rejoicing over the tulips and daffodowndillies
2. Late tech. The set is nearly put together.
3. The loss of my couch to the school play. My living room is very empty at the moment.
4. Multiple Meijer/Menard's/Lowe's trips
5. A baptism service at church
6. Being encouraged to write down my dating life for the past few years. I have now ruled out just over 500 men. How long is this gonna take?
7. Spending a fair amount of time in the hammock while thinking I should redesign my backyard.
8. Getting hit on in Wal-Mart. He asked me to help him pick out panties for his wife. He wasn't wearing a ring and was leering instead of looking confused. I hope nobody fell for that.
9. Trying a recipe for zucchini with orange sauce. It was not edible. I wish I liked celery.
10. Going cold turkey on skin care products below the neck so I can be examined today about those mysterious bumps I had over spring break. My skin is very dry.
Overall, I give it a 7. It was an OK weekend, but I hope the next one will be different. ;)

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