Sunday, April 03, 2005

Beautiful Day

What a day. Absolutely nothing has gone as expected, but that's OK because it has turned out better than expected.
Item 1) The Time Change: I remembered it. I usually don't. Of course, now my car clock is off by a full hour and ten minutes rather than just ten minutes. This annoys those who ride with me, but I've adjusted. It's just hard to convince myself to look it up again in the little tiny manual with the weird numbering.
Item 2) 10:00 Service: Two of my favorite songs (Blessed Be the Name of the Lord, Forever you are Faithful)and a good sermon that reminded me it's not ok to peek over the fence at sin. I feel like I'm doing that in certain areas of my life and have become apathetic about it. Just attitude and expcetation type things, but they could become bigger problems.
Item 3) Route 66: Sorta like Sunday school but not. Good validity of the Bible stuff today. Gave me some things to think about-- Lots of manuscript info. More on that as I process it.
Item 4) Ike the Schnauzer: Picked up the small grey dog this afternoon. I like pretending he is my dog. He listens so well and cuddles so nicely. I may need a dog's almost summer.
Item 5) Walking in the Woods: Took said small grey dog and Yi (who was freaking out about support raising for Koln) out to Rose Lake and wandered in the peaceful-but-deafeningly-loud mating-frog-filled woods for over an hour. Love the spring.
Item 6) Am starting to feel like I've got a hold on Koln and what it will look like.
Item 7) No getting up before dawn tomorrow. Spring Break rocks.
Item 8) They tear gassed the students in EL last night. The usual post-game rioting. Sigh.
Item 9) I will now go to bed. On a really good matteress.On high thread count, all cotton sheets.It is good to be me.

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