Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well, we're back up and running, though I had started to adjust to the lack of internet access. Something went horribly wrong in January--either someone co-opted our modem, or our mac stopped talking to it or the provider was screwed up. Not that I'll ever figure it out or care to, but I felt I owed folks some explanation. It reminded me of living overseas. 1-2 minutes of access at a time is just enough to upload a document and send it, but not much else. Hubby had work computers so he was good. I have a work computer, but let's face it, as a lowly temp, there's not much tolerance for personal work.

That stated, I'll be galumping through the 456 email I've recieved in the last month tomorrow. Perhaps this mixture of excitement and dread is what Noel goes through on a daily basis. Yay email!

As for me, I'm still searching for a job, missing the LOST parties at the Newmans and painting yet another kitchen red.

As for David, he's rabidly supporting Obama (I am a sensible amount of exictedly supporting Obama as well).

As for us, we held a petition drive to try to influence the superdelgates, went to Japanese One World Wednesday, have taken up yoga (neither of us is more than not-so-bendy yet and our instructor is a walking sterotype. When he starts talking about the inner light I mentally roll my eyes. Did you know die-hard yogis don't wear underwear during class?), prepping for Tom's wedding ceremony, seeing "Wicked" with Em & John, organizing a voter registration drive Saturday and cuddling on the couch trying to stay warm a lot.

It's also been a big crazy month for Death. Yes, "capital d"-Death as in the personage or idea of death. My great Uncle Leroy died two weeks ago and grandpa continues on his way out. Appropriately, I just finished reading A Breif History of the Dead. Which was fabulous, if fully fictional.

No, I don't believe in purgatory or a waiting room for heaven (though I think the idea of believers "sleeping" or being "at rest" is an indication that our time and time of time in God's mind don't fully overlap or disconnect or butt up against each other in quite the way that would make it easiest for us to take in).

That said, the book tells a story of a place of waiting that the dead cross into to wait until they are forgotten in the land of the living. It's much like a shadow of earthly life, without the cycle of birth, growth, and death. A epidemic breaks out on earth, everyone dies but one, last, lonely, person. The story is too good to be ruined or retold without the skill and depth of the original, so I'll stop there.

The important part for me has been this idea that death is an impermanent state as long as memories of that life persist. I know that it's so much more than that--life is life eternal for the one who leaves this world for


At 1:01 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Speaking of death... What happened to Yi's blog?? Was she hacked through some Chinese espionage?


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