Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Weekend of Wonder

It’s strange that no matter how much time I have, it always seems there’s never enough to go around. I’ve been living in super-slow mo for the past few weeks and then suddenly, Wham! Bam!, everything happened at once this weekend.

The house feels empty after the weekend too. Pretty much all Friday was spent prepping for the party or being at the party. As we were riding to Meijer for the second time, Mark commented that he hadn’t planned to spend more time at Meijer with me than anywhere else on his last day in Lansing. Yeah, me either. He’s been a good friend for a long time. And a really good neighbor.

I always enjoy seeing peole I haven’t seen in a while, and I think one of my favorite things was that as the night went on (meaning starting about 11) the groups really started to blend. My college friends were playing pool with Mike’s friends, I was chit-chatting with one of Mark’s old co-workers, a bunch of Mike’s friends were doing belly-flops with Riverview people. Took a long time to get there (I only saw a few die-hards trying it early in the night), made me happy.

David finally arrived at 1:45ish(?) I’m glad the jumping off the garage roof into the pool was over by then. Unfortunately, he missed a lot of the important players in my life, but it was good to have him there. Yi was already asleep in the couch and we filled up the house—David and Grayson in the spare room, Amy was home, and Catherine & Zoley in with me. There’s something about waking up with people everywhere pulling my hair up and cooking in shifts that just makes a Saturday morning that much better. Eventually everyone went their separate ways and David and I headed for the beach in hopes we’d make it back for the Koi pond party. After hours of wave jumping and body surfing (no watch available), we got back in the car and discovered it was (gulp!) 8 o’clock! So we gave up the idea of making it back to Lansing, had dinner at the New Holland Brewhouse (which has amazing raspberry apple cider—better than Strongbow) and hit the Ionia Fair (my original promise to him of rides all day turned into a few rides right before closing.) and saw a genuine freak show. Hopefully the freak show will be its own entry later. We got home about one and overslept for church, then headed out to his friend Andy’s little boy’s two year birthday party in Battle Creek. I left him there and headed to a bridal shower for Elan in Lansing (we practiced Greek dancing for the wedding! Karen planned a great shower!)

And now I am preparing for a yard sale. Sheesh. It feels like summer is almost over.

I went for a walk last night and greeted Mike Jones as he was working in his yard. That resulted in a very pleasant hour of garden tour. He’s done so much in the past 26 years to that yard –it’s become a comfortable, peaceful retreat filled with flowers and art and water and a tree house. He also has two kittens. What a gift and a blessing.


At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meg, I heard a child died at the fair the night you were there. Did you hear about that?!

At 4:44 PM, Blogger Meg said...

Yeah, it happened in the afternoon long before we got there. The ride was back open but had a super long line though, so we didn't go. He was a little boy with a heart murmur who had be cleared to live a normal life but apparently didn't. Sad, sad stuff.

At 5:11 PM, Blogger Jeremy said...

hey it was awesome seeing you at the party. :) glad i made the trip down there!


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