Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Is it July already?

Well, it is later.

My parents just left and I’m grieving a little. Those of you that can see your parents more than every six months, take a moment and thank God. Then kiss them on the head the next time you see them in appreciation and remembrance of those who cannot.

That sounds awfully death-y, but think about this: my parent saw three men they used to hang out with in the first twenty four hours they were in town. My father is usually tender with my mother, especially so after he pointed out to her that they were all widowers. Sixty is too young to lose your lover.

Ok Meg, time to lighten up. Shall I go chronologically? I’ll try.

Went to Plattsburgh to spend the holiday weekend with David’s extended famil, parents and siblings and it went quite well. We had the usual bonfires and grillings-outs. We’d brought Roman candles and bottle rockets ( I discovered I’m OK holding Roman candles and doing Harry Potter-like things with them but was not so successful with the bottle rockets—my sweatshirt has a hole in it). We also went up to Montreal for an evening and it was much more European than Toronto or Windsor. I especially liked watching the New Yorkers hail cabs. They just bust out in a sprint. Impressive in heels.

We managed to do 12 hours of driving in 18. Lord love the flooding. There are so many other things that are fun little memories, but only really interesting if you were there, so I won’t bore you. Oh! Want to have some fun? As the installation guys at Best Buy what they would put in their cars when you buy a new stereo! It’s like asking a room of techies about computers or English teachers about favorite books! I ended up with an Alpine that lets me control my non-existent ipod right from the faceplate while the ipod is in the glove compartment! David was bugging me to get one (the ipod), but I think I better stick to using his, he agreed after he realized with the cost involved in a long distance relationship it’s either the ipod or gas to see him. It’ll be nice to listen to a book on tape on the way down this weekend though.

I got home on Wednesday and decided I love Amy. I always love Amy, but especially when she’s done more than her fair share of cleaning because she knew I wouldn’t make it home in time to do all I needed to do. She and Greg and Mark and I all went out to dinner Thursday at a place on the west side that was really good and had great Margaritas. This was in celebration of Mark getting a job breeding melons in California. He’s starting a blog, I’ll add it to my blog list soon.

Friday Mom and I shopped for all manner of crap. It was fun as far as shopping goes. I got a sparkly skirt for $6.50. You’ll have to let me know if it’s tacky. Then again, since I’m not posting a pic, perhaps that’s inviting all sorts of commentary.

Anyway, Friday evening we ate Koegel’s Viennas (this is important because I want to know if any other family,or, in particular, father, has such a penchant for those frankfurters) and went to meet Amy and Greg for Pirates of the Caribbean. We went to NCG specifically because it had the hearing impaired headphones for my dad. The movie was good (if so patently a flight of fancy that I couldn’t even take the serious part seriously), the headphones worked well, and all seemed peaceful. Then dad tried to return the headphones. Um, they lost his driver’s license. Nobody in my family gets angry particularly gracefully, so we make every effort not to become that way but he kinda lost it. And then they found it for him.

Sensing he needed to calm down, Greg and Amy took us out to Claughdaugh’s for drinks (it’s midnight by this point). We had our drinks and headed back to the cars. At which point we discovered the battery of the rental was dead (it’s one by now). And there were cars parked on either side of us. A quick call to Amy and Greg helped to assemble more people, but there were no jumper cables long enough to do the trick. So I called AAA and they told us it would be about an hour. At 2amish the guy showed up and jumped the car. By 2:05ish we were on the road home. David arrived at 2:15. Always the optimist, I figured this would help the parents adjust to the time change. Not so. They slept in until ten the next morning but went right back to getting up at seven the next day, which is indeed the same five am they get up at home in Idaho.

So that’s the start of it. They met David at an electric two in the morning and liked him a lot. They really liked Grayson too (petted him more). More when I can, including some things I’ve been turning over in my head, but here is some more of the visit in pictoral form:

Yes, yes, I shot too. My shot went through the top of the paper--if you can't see it, don't worry, it was only about half on the paper anyway. David's shots are the cluster at about 7 o'clock on the paper.

If you can correctly identify this thing I'll drive to wherever you are and buy you a fancy drink (coffee, carbonated or alcohol--your choice). Heck, I might try to get that happening anyway even if you're wrong--it's summer!


At 5:36 PM, Blogger Yi said...

I don't know what the thing in the last picture is, hairball of some sort? But I think we should still have a fancy drink together, when will you be in town? We can both wear our sparkly skirts... Everyone needs a sparkly skirt :)

At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I know because I think I saw this yesterday. Is it when you take the sucky part of a Dustbuster off and that is all the gross stuff you sucked up? Looks similar to what I saw while cleaning, anyway.

I don't have a sparkly skirt...or shirt...but I do have a sparkly jacket. :o)

Thanks for the update, Meg. Love your updates. Never boring.

At 10:40 AM, Blogger Meg said...

Yeah, you both get the drink offer. It's the junk that oozed out of my over-filled vaccum cleanered bag. Pretty nasty,eh?


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