Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday Sweets

Here I am on a Sunday night with cat and Dateline (the TV show you freak!).

It's been a full week. I'm still tired and still struggling with a fall melancholy, but it's been a good few days.

Friday was Clark & Kristen's Engagement Party (double dachshunds! A little piece of heaven) Good to see people for a bit. The chili had a bit of heat in it, so did the bonfire and the people provided the rest.

Left that early to bond with the woman upstairs (Amy) and enjoyed the Corpse Bride. Ok, but I'm not sure it was great. Tim Burton must have a thing for dead chicks. Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands (well, no dead chick, but Johnny Depp looks mighty corpse-like until he gets his makeover). Heck, even Pee-Wee's Big Adventure had rather demonic Large Marge.
I'm also reasonably sure part of the skeleton's dance had to have been a tribute to an early cartoon with skeletons dancing in it. I'm sure I've seen it before. Bonus cookies to the person who can prove me right.

Did a superfunawesomecool trip to Sandusky yesterday. I love roller coasters. There's something about safe scares and weightlessness that's just simply bliss. Happily, I enjoyed the people I was waiting in line for HOURS with. Special thanks that I didn't have to drive.

Today was good for different reasons. It wasn't a particularly fun day, but I did get the chance to go out to brunch with gals after church and spend time in the library (David Sedaris, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim; Thomas Friedman, Longitudes and Attitudes--yes, I'm finally finishing it; Pete Fromm, As Cool As I Am; and because I couldn't find a happy novel that didn't seem to focus on wild sexual antics or politics, Dave Barry's Boogers Are My Beat.)

I also spent some time refocusing. I recently had a conversation with a teacher who's survived many years of teacher stress. She said the best way to find balance in teaching and personal life and take less of the job home with me is to have a rich family life.
Thank you.
Pardon me while I toss myself out the window.

Seeing as my life isn't turning out as planned, but is turning out well anyway most days. And I do, as Steve pointed out this morning, need to keep in mind I'm not living for myself (or shouldn't be) and do need to give. Still there's this issue of when I am an ever-flowing fountain of givingness, I'm not emotionally healthy. Still to work on: boundaries as I give with an open hand.
In other news, check out this article I found via this article in Slate. All I can say is that I hope children don't accidentally see it and that it does make its point-- that shouldn't happen to anyone, including smurfs. And what the heck is Katie thinking?


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