Sunday, October 09, 2005

Coming to Riverview

I wrote this a few weeks ago after reading Noel's posts about church hopping. It's got a second part with a slightly different perspective that I may post later.

I came to Riverview because it was that or crawl into a hole and become a crazy cat lady ahead of schedule.

Here’s the timeline:

Early September: Attend once with Amy. Hear about Quarter Life. Ask the at-that-time-unknown Mark about the bowling that was announced. Let him stare at me as if I have two heads and a large purple rhino horn on each. Finally give up. Think to self: “Nope. Wrong place for us.” You see, there was an “us” at that point.

September 17, 2003: Brother has returned from Iraq. I’m flying to Idaho to see him and the ‘rents. Guy-who-moved-to-Czechoslovakia-and-didn’t-invite-me is driving me to the airport (the other part of the “us” mentioned above). My car is in his side yard. Decides to launch into the friends speech near Ypsilanti. Hold it together and get on the plane.

September 21, 2003: Arrive home to Amy at the airport. Pick up car. Put all relational crap in boxes. Decide to mail the one that must be mailed the next day. Sit on couch for a looooooooooong time. Decide it is not necessary to ever move from couch. Count swirls on ceiling. Decide swirled ceilings are better than flat. Etc.

September 22, 2002: Teach classes. Repeat couch activity.

September 23, 2003: Teach classes. Repeat couch activity. Decide I’m pathetic. Consider adopting half a dozen kittens. Get off couch. Show up at Raider for Quarter Life.

Septemeber 27, 2003: Arrive at the 7 o’clock at Riverview.

The rest is history.


At 11:41 PM, Blogger Al said...

The rest is history.

Actually, all of September 2003 counts as history too. But it's the fact that it is history that makes it interesting. Specifically, history about you. Let's see: Oct '03 - Sep '04 ? Um...24 more entries to go? That should keep you busy for a while. And then we could back track to Spring '03 and earlier. :)


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