Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mildly Envious

Blogspot.com has prettier pages and I'm kinda wishing I was doing that. Perhaps I will. Yi seems to be maintaining on both sites--I'll have to ask her how when we go out for breakfast Friday.
So it was district day at school. This is possibly my least favorite day of the year. First there are no kids(the fun part of the job). Then, it's impersonal while trying to pretend to be personal, has lots of information primarily designed to tell us how badly the school is doing and motivating us to do...something. Then they feed us (the good part) and we get to go get done everything we need to get done. I got oriented to my extremely messy science classroom. It's messy because I'm nowhere near done unpacking (anyone want to stick up magnetic poetry or put my classroom library on shelves before Monday? I'll be there constantly!).
I also broke down and bought a new soap dispensing dish wand thingy today. I love my one that looks like a flower, but I gave up hope of finding replacement pads for it and it's pretty nasty just now. I like the new one though--it has a little blue button to push for more soap. Great how gimmicks get me isn't it?
Had and elaborate and impromptu dinner tonight with Mark, Carmen and Scott. Good times. I've never spent so much time thinking and talking about corn.
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