Saturday, August 20, 2005


Interesting tidbits from my Aunt Kay's morning email today (used without her permission, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind:) They were at a pre-retirement planning seminar and these are a few sound bites they picked up:
"We all have four ages:Chronological - yearsPhysiological - how we feelPsychological - how old you see yourselfSociological - who do you associate with?He said the most common problem for recent retirees... is they miss the socialization of the workplace and he urged the ....people to think about that before they chose to leave the lively workplace.He told us about many studies. Here are the results of one:A survey asked a wide variety of people, "are you old?". Here's the response rate per age group:20-30 2 %30-40 4%40-50 16%50-60 38%60-70 39.5 %70 - 80 30%80 2% !!!!(Uncle) Ron had a key insight for many of us in the 50's. Things don't work the way they used to, so that makes us feel old. I guess by the time you hit the 80's the mechanics are so broken down who cares!!!"
Fun stuff, eh? Thanks Aunt!
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