Friday, August 12, 2005

Huh? And I repeat, HUH?

Ok, so I'm in sunny Idaho (not unexpected)after a detour through Arizona (somewhat unexpected), and an earlier flight from AZ to ID that left me in the airport for hours and hours (unexpected) and am going camping(?), hiking(?), roadtripping (?) with three couples over 40 instead of reenacting(completely unexpected) and was awoken this morning by something that sounded like an airhorn being run over by a very large truck (rather unexpected).
I have to say, my life is rarely boring.
Ok, so the airhorn thing was a combination of rooster crows and goose honking outside my bedroom window. I'm pretty much ok with the camping thing, though slightly confused as to how it all came into being (and I have an earache which is NOT going to appreciate the altitude). But hey, I'll be bonding with my parentals, so all is well.
I also have interesting stories about Arizona's public transit system, but they will have to wait until a more appropriate time. Here's a teaser--they involve alcohol, possibly drugs, certainly race relations, military guys, a really old dude and kids standing in the street. Lord, I'm glad I don't have to ride busses often. I've done a lot of praying this week.
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