Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Just Tuesday

As I was squashed between two upright platforms, using my full (and quite ample) body weight to shove them apart while simultaneously attempting to inspire less-than-enthusiastic students to push a third one in quickly, I realized I really do like my job. Of course, the joy of putting on a skirt today and no longer having to think about whether or not my handbag will conceal both a screwdriver and a socket wrench is appreciated as the show ends. I have ruined too many pockets and set off too many metal detectors while absentmindedly carrying around screws over the past few weeks. I think the high point came when I realized I was trying to coordinate my purse with my shoes and still get a power drill into it on Saturday (I gave up and just carried the drill around in the open. Odd looks abounded).So the play is done. The Senior Video is started. There is about a month left of school. And I am wearing a well-cut pretty pink skirt and non-steel toed shoes. Surfacy stuff, but blessings none the less:)

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