Monday, July 04, 2005


Ok, so I haven't updated since I-don't-know-when and probably won't again until I am back playing with large children and making them think about books and theses and hammers and costumes and cats and opening paragraphs and the meaning of life and other nouns. Just being realistic here people.So life over the last however-long-it-has-been highly eventful and not so very painful and for that I'm grateful. Found this today and as I have to go to the grocery store today simply b/c I have nothing nutritionally appropriate in my cupboard, or refrigerator, or suitcase stash even, I thought this was freeeeeeakin' funny!
"One man I saw just had to be single, not only was he not sportin' a ring, but he was obviuosly long term career milatary and holdling a 4pak of butter sticks like he didn't know weather to bake cookies or stick in a detonater and blow up an enemy pillbox with it."
Spelling: not mine, but funny anyway.
And who hasn't seen this? Heck, I myself was shopping for the Bonnets (we'll get to them soon) at 12am on the night before I left for Germany and had a very polite and very vertically challenged little man who obviously was not in the habit of doing the shopping (much less at midnight) ask me whether they carried Oreos at Meijer. Now, one thinks this might have been a less than honest question as I not only had Oreos in my basket (presumably to be purchased at said Meijers in which we were standing) but these six bags of Oreos were of every type the cookie gods of Nabisco had deemed suitable for mass distribution.
Ok, now I'm tired. The Bonnets (said like bow-nay not bonnet) will have to wait, as will the rest of Deutchland and the wacky company that went with. Nighty night and don't get hit by any legal or illegal fiery projectiles.

PS Anyone have a cure for kitten farts?

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