Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I've been up a long time today. The alarm was set for 3 this morning but I didn't make it up until 3:30ish. Grades were due and our new system quite honestly sucks. I can't do them from home, occasionally can't access them at all and some of the changes don't save. It just feels unprofessional.One of the guys across the street taped The Simpsons and that's on in the background as I type tonight. It's telling bible stories a little less than biblically, but it's fun.Play consturction is underway and the set is almost ready to be assembled. It's going to take a million coats of paint to cover the aquamarine green used last fall. Sigh. But I am enjoying it.Tomorrow is the first meeting for the Germany mission trip this summer. Should be interesting. We've been promised homemade pasta. Past that, it should be a quiet week since MEAPs (statewide standardized tests) are over and many kids are headed out on spring break already (It officially starts Friday). My big plans for the break are to dig up my passport, get new tires on my car and actaully sleep.

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