Monday, March 28, 2005

So here we are.

I really thought I'd never blog. It just seems like in a culture with so few things left private, my thoughts shouldn't be hanging out in cyberspace. Truth told, I kinda feel like I've got a button undone on my shirt and can't manage to keep it closed. I guess I've also got this irrational irritation with my descent from hand written letters and notes to small cards to emails to ecards to mass emails to not really much communication at all but text messages and managing to return phone calls. Sigh. It's my own fault, but perhaps I'll be better at this. I've got to do something!On a happier note, the first crocus is up in my front yard. It's truly tiny and a delicate buttery yellow just beside the driveway. I finally feel like spring may be here. :)


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