Monday, September 04, 2006

These Topics Will Be Covered

1. Thank Yous
2. Congratulations
3. Musings on Politeness
4. Musings on Communication
5. Weight Watchers
6. Bridesmaid Dress Snafu
7. Start of School
8. 42nd Street
9. The Big Greek Wedding

I have so many ideas for blogging today! Where to start, where to start? Oh yeah, I just made a numbered list:)

First things first: Thank you all for your kind advice about dog care. It honestly didn't occur to me to ask a friend up here to help out. I just kept thinking that we didn't know anybody well enough down in Cinncinati to ask them to do it. ANd then all your wonderful offers and ideas came foraward and in no time Grayson had a place to stay! Thank you Peter and Jenny for taking the time to care for a large and lovable gray doggie. Second, thank you to those who were willling to house us in GR. I find myself blinking back a few tears that we couldn't see everyone and feeling so cared for.

Second: CONGRATULATIONS TO HOLLY & JOEY!!!!!!!!!!! The Next Future Mr. and Mrs. Corr! 'bout time people! May you be mightily blessed!
Also, Congrats to Elan and David--newly married couple of fall #1. Lovely wedding.

Third: I apologise to thouse whom I am unwittingly rude to. I have a tendency to overcommit my mind and believe I will remember all the things I think I will remember then discover I only remember after a reminder that I did indeed forget. I do not intend to be rude, but flightly lack of follow-through is just as bad as an intentional snub. I apologize for my lack of proper etiquette as a friend and recipient of favors.

Next: David and I have different communication styles. I walk away from conversations wishing I had said less. He wishes he'd said more. Extrovert, introvert. This makes for some interesting situations, but overall it's ok. When it's just us, I have a hard time getting a word in edgewise. Still, if left to ourselves out with others, it's so much eaiser for us to each go to our strengths... he smiles and nods or lets his mind wander, I talk. We had two interesting moments this weekend that highlighted this particular dynamic. In the first I got a taste of knowing I wanted to keep a conversation going with some old friends and being tongue-tied (Amy saved the day), in the second, I was trying to change the direction of the conversation to include him but apparently I was so subtle I ended up carrying on an inane conversation (mostly with myself) for several minutes before giving up and then really wished I could turn back time and shut myself up. I think you've all witnessed me do this. Sigh. Pray I'll get a clue!

Furthermore: I had a spiritual moment at WW in Cincinnati a few weeks ago. A woman shared a story about her weight. About a year ago she was six pounds away from her goal weight (she now needs to lose about sixty).

She worked at it and got really close to her goal-- people were complementing her, telling her how great she looked, how gorgeous her new clothes looked. And she started listening. She knew she had six more pounds to go, but she started to believe she was fine without the goal weight. Just fine.

She gave in to that outside affirmation--let her own inner voice die down to a whisper. Stopped food journaling. Had extra treats. Didn't bother renewing her WW memebership when it ran out. She regained more than she'd lost.

I think I'm like that with weight (hence the rather direct post a few weeks ago. It helps to know you expect to see loss, but it still needs to be my thing), but it's also so easy to do it with spirituality. Do all the right spiritual things, let people admire my walk, assume I'm doing great and eventually I'll believe them and let it slide. It's a cycle.
I was thinking about that especially since a year ago I was relying so heavily on the bible study to keep me in the word and studying. Once it dissolved, or I was too busy to get to it, I began to take more personal responsiblity. Nobody was going to check on me. A good habit to get back into. As for WW, I forgot to go this week. Last week I was up 2.5. Part of that's bloating I'm sure, but it's still what the scale says.

Sixth, my bridesmaid's dress for Emily's wedding is in. The top fits nearly perfectly, but the skirt came in an entire size too big. I can literally stand in it and it falls around my ankles. I can pinch six to eight inches out of the side before it fits. Silover lining: Em's sis is pregnant--she may need the extra material. God's funny like that.

I'm too tired to cover 7-9, but I expect you're tired of reading too. I'll save a little sweetness for later. Kisses all!


At 8:30 PM, Blogger Mattern said...

"I have a tendency to overcommit my mind and believe I will remember all the things I think I will remember then discover I only remember after a reminder that I did indeed forget."

Awesome Sentence! I giggle in delight.


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