Sunday, February 05, 2006

Monster Truck Nationals

So I discovered on Monday there was an event I wanted to see on Saturday. By Wednesday I had collected a small number of people to attend with me and by Friday we actually filled a car.

We went to the Monster Truck Nationals at the Breslin.

It started with all the lights out and a voice saying (in that voice that only appears in Monster truck ads), "Mill-yons of years ago, MONSTERS ruled the EARTH. Since then....NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED!"

Oh, the cheese to come!
First they lined up and revved their engines a bit (my pants vibrated):

The trucks then bounced around on the crushing cars like this:

Then the girl car tipped over like this and Mark made an badly thought-out comment about women drivers(do not fear, she was not injured):

Then they did donuts like this:

Then a jet powered car showed up, was very loud and shot fire out of its arse like this:

Then there was intermission (Look! I was really there!):

Then... See above.


At 12:56 PM, Blogger Brandi said...

I like the new blog, but what happened to the old one? The monster trucks look like fun, even to someone who normally is not so into that kind of a thing.


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