Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Puzzle's in Peices

Sometimes having a house of my own scares me. So much to take care of, so sedentary. I have this dichotomy of dreams. One part of me dreams of a husband, a child for each of our hands and a family dog. No more work of the sort I do now, just the harder stuff of bringing up little round-cheeked mammals into human adults. The other part of me is a wind-wizened adventurer, hating that I have a permanent address, ready to get on a plane and go anywhere, desiring Peace Corps or DODs schools. And both of these parts of me are equally true. And I voice that I believe they can fit together. But I’m not living either right now and it’s this middle ground I’m trying to figure out.

I alternately fear to give up yet another place in this world (I have tried others) with a good job, a good church and a comfortable home and envy those who change space.


At 7:29 AM, Blogger Mike said...

I can appreciate all of the above... But as for giving up blessings in search of dreams. I've never been a fan, the friends and all encompassing situation that God has put me in, is far greater than I can imagine elsewhere...which leads me to believe this is where I belong, at least for the time being...



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